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Author: Spare Ribs | Date: June 23, 2015 | Please Comment!



BBQ ribs is a quintessentially American dish that is popular all over the country.  Anywhere you go in this great nation of ours you are sure to find some BBQ ribs on a local menu.  However, the ribs they serve you may look and taste very different depending on where you are.  Ribs’ taste and preparation reflect the cultures of their respective regions.  Four of the major and most recognizable rib styles in the USA are: Kansas City, Memphis, St. Louis and Texas.

Kansas City Style-Larger pork ribs, minus the fatty tips.  But the key is the sauce, which is thick and sweet.

Memphis Style-This style is all about more rub (seasonings) and less sauce, which is often served on the side

St. Louis Style-The sauce generally is tomato-based but not as sweet and a little thinner thanks to small amounts of vinegar. The key resides in slow-cooking the ribs over low heat, using a smoky grill. Ribs are sauced repeatedly to caramelize them.

Texas Style- As could be expected, Texans use Beef ribs instead of pork ribs for their style, which is spicier than most styles, using more seasonings than sauce (cayenne pepper and garlic). The key is to smoke the ribs for a long time over a low fire — usually using mesquite.


Click on the links below to learn how to prepare ribs of each style and how to make the amazing sauces that are the soul to this dish.


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