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Author: Spare Ribs | Date: September 25, 2015 | Please Comment!

Millions of Americans struggle with varying types of the disease Diabetes.  This is a disease that is directly affected by what a person eats.  And in turn, it affects what a person CAN eat.  Below is a recipe for BBQ Spare Ribs so that those who struggle with the disease can still enjoy one of our nation’s favorite and most delicious dishes:

Mark’s Fall off the bone baby back ribs

Ribs were always a favorite of mine, however the store bought BBQ sauce and other ingredients would not allow me to have these delights. No more!

I have come up with a recipe that is friendly for diabetics. The ingredients are quite simple, however the cook time is fairly long. The end result, is however, a great dish that tastes great and is good for the entire family. Diabetic or not. Cook this and you will be the King of the back yard BBQ in your neighborhood!

The Glaze:

In a small bowl mix:

3 Tble. spoons of light brown sugar (or Splenda…I can tolerate brown sugar)

1 Tble spoon of orange juice (you can experiment with lime juice to your taste, etc.)

A touch of cinnamon (Great taste and great for diabetics)

Water to create a semi-thick base (like common BBQ sauce)

Mix well and set aside (again experiment with ingredients that are sugar free and low carb)

Full Recipe Here!





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